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You Have Enemies? Good!

You know that Winston Churchill quote?

“You have enemies?


That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life”


I am not advocating you try and make enemies!!

This is purely about removing the fear of upsetting people...

Both in your opinions and how you share them...

But also from a sales perspective.

We ALL have those times when we call, message or email someone and for whatever reason they get “arsey” about it!

“You’ve messaged me 3 times”

“You’ve called 5 times this week”

“You put out too much content it’s becoming annoying!”

Well SO WHAT if you occasionally get these responses!!

As long as you are communicating in a positive way, you’re trying to help people, and you are only being hungry to achieve more...

Then don’t let negativity stop you!!

We all know about trolls.

But I’m talking about your audience.

Your prospects.

I read a great quote Nicole Bremner recently...

“You can’t please everyone, you’re not Nutella”

But being Marmite may be a better idea!

Some will love what you do or say and become ideal clients...

Some just won’t!

Keep going!!

Be authentic.


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