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Who We Are

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At Marketing Republic, our mission is simple, to provide our clients with a service that eases their woes of sales prospecting.  We understand the pain of sales prospecting,  which we enjoy taking away from you. Our founder, Stefan Boyle faced this, which led him to creating Marketing Republic.

Over ​the past five years, we have been on the pulse to changes in lead generation, and have adapted our approach based on previous success with clients. We believe in modelling success, and rely on a strong working relationship with our clients. They provide experience within their industry to add to our sales prospecting expertise.

We don’t work as your ‘agency’… 

Our team collaborate with you and your team, working together to function as part of your business, providing sales leads to your hungry sales team. The sales leads your team will take over are far more qualified than most handed over by telemarketing agencies, as there are multiple layers to how we work, meaning more information and higher conversions for you when you meet or pick up the phone to a prospective client.

We are unique to other outsourced lead generation businesses. We do not provide ‘telemarketing’ as a standalone service. Instead, an approach named  ‘Cold Calling 2.0’, which was first developed by Aaron Ross. We have since developed our own take on the process, refining it and adapting to become service of choice to many past and current clients.

They choose this, because of the depth of engagement that is created with their prospective clients. Each prospect receives ‘personalised’ emails in addition to calls to prospects who have engaged via email. Our approach is best suited to clients with a consultative sales process. We understand that it can be difficult and time consuming for your team to start new conversations. Sales people are the most expensive resource in your business, as such they should be used for their main focus, speaking with qualified prospects, closing deals.

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