Imagine... Spending Your Time On Closing Deals, Instead of Prospecting... 

At Marketing Republic, our mission is simple, to provide our clients with a first class B2B lead generation service that helps them to grow and scale their business..

Does Any of the Following Sound Like You & Your Business?

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    You're a business owner or entrepreneur who wants to get more sales leads for their business but are not too sure how.... 
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    You are unfamiliar with sales prospecting and how to start sales conversations or you just don't have the time to build your skills in this area  
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    You've tried hiring sales people or telemarketing agencies who promise the Earth but deliver very little ROI but still demand a hefty fee...

The Good News is... You're in the Right Place...

We understand the pain and frustration that sales prospecting can cause on a business owner, which is why we enjoy taking the steps with you to drive your business forward. Our founder, Stefan Boyle has been faced with the exact situation in his printing business, which later led him to start Marketing Republic to help business owners like him.

Over the last five years, we have helped B2B business across the globe by:

- Securing qualified sales appointments/meetings that fit your Ideal Customer Profile

- Allowing them to spend more time on quality prospects and current clients instead of cold calling and cold outreach

- Increasing sales through the conversations that we start on your behalf and all of the intelligence we build on your behalf.

Our team have a wealth of experience in building and implementing lead generation campaigns through multiple channels including data research, LinkedIn, cold email and calling. We give entrepreneurs and business owners, the sales opportunities they need to grow and scale their business.

Our Story

Marketing Republic was founded in 2013 by entrepreneur Stefan Boyle.

He started Marketing Republic because he realised a problem in his own printing business, which was the peaks and troughs of sales. He'd hire salespeople, who would perform for a while and then exhaust their black book of contacts,.

He wanted to help companies build predictable, sustainable revenue streams and from experience he knew that this starts with a predictable source of leads.

Talking through my online marketing strategies, and how to improve conversion rates of prospects to customers, I realised the principles in Predictable Revenue. These tactics for both Inbound and Outbound Marketing would have a serious impact on my business.

I quickly realised that the process I was talking about had huge potential for both my own business, but more importantly to our clients as well.

He started Marketing Republic because he wanted to help companies build predictable, sustainable revenue streams and from experience he knew that this starts with a predictable source of leads.

Here’s some background into how I decided to start Marketing Republic after a chance discussion about how I generate leads for my online printing business, Print Republic.

I have been in the printing industry all my life, but had developed my business from a traditional printing business into an online business. I made a decision some years ago that I needed to commit to learning more about marketing both on and offline so relentlessly study the latest techniques including internet marketing, content marketing, social media, direct response marketing and combining this with my offline marketing, branding and direct mail experience.

I now work with clients to help them with their B2B Lead Generation Strategies. I offer consultancy to help business owners and sales directors improve their sales prospecting efforts, and then bring in my team to assist making this vision a reality.