What Is Content Marketing?

What Is Content Marketing in a B2B Lead Generation Service?

If you haven’t heard the buzz around content marketing you really must have buried your marketing head in the sand recently!

It’s ALL about content marketing right now and it has been for some time, so what exactly is content marketing?

Simply put, content marketing is the process of creating relevant, useful, interesting and relevant information for your prospective client and then sharing it and distributing it so that target audience can see it. It is designed to engage and educate so that you and your business are put in a position of trust so that it increases the opportunity of transacting and building ongoing business relationships!

Really, it’s a process of communication without actually directly selling!

So what is the point of that I hear the sceptics out there saying?!

Well traditional marketing is generally about you, your business and the products and services you provide. It is generally an offer, or to promote something and it is interruption marketing… in other words it’s about getting in peoples faces enough times so that you try and make it your business they remember when they have a want or need and go into buying mode.

Whereas content marketing is about making your client and prospect better informed, more educated and building up trust. We continually deliver free, high perceived value information and in return we gain ongoing loyalty which equals repeat business and referrals!

Like many things in life, the 80/20 rule tends to apply though some argue that in content marketing it can almost be 90/10, in terms of the amount of content and knowledge you provide against the amount of selling you do.

Ultimately, any form of marketing has to lead to an eventual sell so it’s important you have a strategy and a follow up process that leads to a call to action.

It is widely thought that traditional marketing is becoming less and less relevant, particularly with how the internet makes research and comparison so easy for B2B and B2C businesses. We are all expert buyers in one way or another. 82% of business research a new potential supplier online before buying so if you don’t have information readily available and most importantly relevant to those people then they very quickly find someone else who does!

Content marketing is not a new phenomenon and it’s being used by multi national giants across the globe as well as small businesses, quite simply because it works! If you think how many marketing messages we all see every single day, in almost every walk of life it’s quite phenomenal! There are many quoted numbers and guesstimates on this, including the one from Yankelvich Research (later quoted by the NY Times), that range from 3,000 to 20,000 per day!

It’s hardly surprising that people try and get rid of them or just simply pay less and less attention! If you have a Sky+ box and you record all your favourite TV shows, aside from the fact you have an instant library of play on demand programmes, a huge reason people choose to do this is you can fast forward the adverts! When you think of the millions businesses waste paying for those adverts, it’s inevitable they are going to continually look for more effective ways of marketing.

Content marketing has been around for many years but today it’s more relevant and important than ever. There are many different formats, platforms and channels to create content marketing, share and distribute that content to make it both disposable and evergreen. From social media posts and shares that seem to come and go very quickly, through to blogposts, videos, reports, white papers and more.

The printed word is still a highly effective form of content marketing and when the application or request to receive that piece of content is done online then you are increasing the communication channels you can use and hence the potential to connect with your client or prospect in a way that resonates with them at a given moment in time.

Content Marketing is not a one off process.

It has to be relentless! If you look at a companies website or blog and the latest post, piece of news, update or tweet is days, weeks or even months ago then you are deemed to be so out of date and irrelevant!

The beauty of content marketing is you don’t have to only produce your own content. You can have people write guest blogposts, you can curate other relevant content and share it and you can use a never ending list of resources online to provide relevance to your market.

Of course for some people and businesses, it seems to be one way or another…. you either systemise and dedicate time and resources to creating content or you outsource it to a content marketing agency to ensure a steady stream of content is distributed and helps you get more leads, build more relationships and convert more prospects into loyal customers!

If you want to learn how you can outsource your content marketing to a B2B Content Marketing Agency then get in touch!

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