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The 3 Most Dangerous Words in Business!

We all know loads of “stuff”

But having an open mind about what will and won’t work in sales and marketing is crucial as there is always someone out there with an angle you haven’t seen.

T. Harv Ecker the well known millionaire life coach says that the 3 most dangerous words in Business are...

“I know that”

We have all spoken to people who talk about how they know certain things but the question is more importantly about one other word...


Actual implementation is vital!

Imperfect action will gain more results than perfect INaction!

Not doing things won’t help you!

Waiting to get “all your ducks in a row” before you start is a sure way of not starting!!

A clear example for me is on LinkedIn.

When I’m far more active, AMAZINGLY...

I get far better results!

I connect with more people.

Message more people.

Share more content so more people receive my message...

I then have more conversations, more meetings and do WAY more business!

So many over complicate Social Selling.

There is a process of course.

But circular, SHOWING UP....


Is what get results!

Look at what Daniel Disney has done at The Daily Sales...

Clue is in the title...


Hence he’s achieving great things!

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