Steps for an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

To generate business to business leads it’s essential to implement an effective content marketing strategy to ensure you attract the right type of prospects and you begin to establish your reputation.

Content marketing is primarily about establishing credibility and building a reputation as a thought leader and the “go-to” person in your industry. It’s about building trust, establishing rapport, developing relationships and nurturing prospects so they develop into loyal customers!

Sounds easy right?!

Well like anything, if you know what you’re doing it is pretty easy… in theory! If you don’t then it’s hard!

But with all business to business lead generation there are rules, systems and processes you need to know and adhere to so you maximise the potential of the effort you put in. Content marketing can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be but what the important element you need to ensure happens is that you are creating content that is relevant, useful and it’s found by the people you want to target!

There’s no point having the best content in the world if no-one sees it!

Don’t be the best kept secret… be everywhere your prospects and customers go!

Make sure what they are searching for is what you are creating!

One aspect that for me is a real sign that people haven’t totally grasped the principles of an effective content marketing strategy as well as social media is when they just pump out endless “sales messages” with offers and buy now messages! If there is no sign of relationship building and educating your prospects you are going to turn people off with blatant in your face desperation messages of buy now PLEASE!!!!

So if you want to get started with a content marketing strategy, try and get the basics right and build your knowledge up. Commit time and resources to it. If you can’t, then outsource it to us!

But it’s pretty easy to get started and here are some simple rules on how to get started with content marketing:

1)  Gain a solid understanding of your perfect customer and what sort of information they need.

2)  Map your buyers’ concerns to your organisation’s expertise to identify the sweet spot.

3)  Conduct a content audit to determine how well your content satisfies your prospects’ needs – and where there are gaps.

4)  Create an editorial calendar to ensure you stay on target with your content plan… it’s important to be relentless with your content so it remains up to date and relevant.

5)   Develop new content and/or repurpose existing content. There are a whole number of platforms and contexts to re-use content over and over again without the risk of “duplicate content”

6)  Make your content easy to find, access and share online.

7)  Measure your results and refine as needed.


Now lastly, visual imagery is a great way of connecting quickly with people. You only have to read up about the huge growth in Pinterest to understand about this!

Infographics are a brilliant way of combining information and visual impact. Here’s a great content marketing strategyinfographic from Social Ears detailing the rules to win the game of Content Marketing!

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