The Single Biggest Mistake Most Business Owners Make

Over the past few years, I’ve spoken to hundreds of different business owners who’ve gone through similar frustrations at some point because they’re not experiencing the growth they were initially expecting.

The good news is – I understand. It resonates highly with me because I’ve experienced that very same frustration back in my Printing Business. We had a great team and a healthy client base. In order for our business to grow, I thought the best solution would be to hire even more salespeople.

And it’s a common decision (and mistake) that many business owners face. You’d think it’s logical.

More Salespeople = More Sales

But in so many different instances, this approach fails. It’s not more salespeople they need. What they actually need is more opportunities for development. It’s like the chicken and the egg. Some people are great at closing deals but no good in finding the opportunities and vice versa.

So you need a process of actively sourcing great opportunities to start conversations.  

And there’s two ways you can do this…

  1. You can hire people

  2. You can outsource the work to specialists.

Either way, it’s a specialist process. Some people have the skill of developing opportunities as well as closing sales. However, you can only fully focus your attention on one task at a time.

And that’s why you need people who are dedicated to specific roles. You need a team to create opportunities and `another team to focus on closing the sales.

That’s one of the biggest problems we solve for our clients at Marketing Republic. See, most of our clients already have a unique sales proposition, a great sales team and are great at closing business.

We help them with their marketing campaigns to position them as the perfect fit for their target audience.

Once you get this step in place, it’s possible to quickly scale up your marketing campaigns and grow your business.

If you struggle to do it yourself, my advice for you would be to hire an expert to do the job. A specialist who knows what they’re doing and is an expert in their field.

But be very careful when you’re thinking about hiring a team of people that they’re not just good at tally marketing. Tally marketing is highly ineffective in my opinion. And it’s the reason why we choose to do things differently with our clients.

We’ve developed a process that I learned from a book I read by a guy called Aaron Ross. You could say he’s rather successful; turning over 100 million dollars of recurring revenue each year!

I read his book and fell in love with his process and quickly decided to put it to work in our business and since then, it’s produced some great results for our clients campaigns in 23 different countries.

We reach out to clients for every single client campaign and each time (without fail), we get amazing results. We build millions and millions of sales prospects for our clients. And this is great because all they have to focus on is closing the business. They no longer have to worry about where those prospects are coming from. That’s our job 🙂

Sound interesting? Want more information on how we can help you scale your business and marketing campaigns? Then all you’ve got to do is apply for a consultation.

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