Do You Need A Consistent Pipeline Of High Quality, Well Qualified B2B Sales Opportunities Coming Into Your Business Every Week From Across the Globe?

Have you tried hiring sales people (AND firing them when you don’t get the results you want!), creating a blog, running social media campaigns and (like many of our clients), spent fortunes on traditional telemarketing that just Does. Not. Work?!

When you need to build your sales pipeline in multiple locations across the globe, it can be especially difficult knowing the correct approach to take and what areas to focus on.

There are lots of factors to consider too, such as the local language, time difference and the local culture to name a few.

Then you must decide on your business development resources, and whether your current team is able to successfully identify, qualify and convert leads in another country. Alternatively, you could hire a native, but how long would that take, and at what cost, with no guarantee of results and training time to factor in…

So what if I could offer you a solution so that you didn’t need to spend time and money on hiring and training someone?

Our team hits the ground running on every project it takes on, and ramps up quickly using a process that we’ve worked on and refined for over five years.

This process was developed by our Founder Stefan Boyle, after taking inspiration from a number of books that he read prior to starting Marketing Republic. 

Over the last five years, our process has been shaped into the OUTREACH Formula after our business development campaigns have illustrated the success of this style of prospecting for our clients in the UK and across the Globe.

Here’s Exactly How Our Global B2B OUTREACH Lead Generation Service Works:

Opportunity & Understand

The first steps of our OUTREACH Formula focus on building the foundations of your campaign. We take new clients through a detailed on-boarding process to get under the skin of how your offering is different and why your customers buy from you. 

We also look to understand as much about your Ideal Customer Profile as possible, such as their location, job titles, industries and much more. Your on-boarding information gives our team the resources it needs to build custom databases of prospects, craft unique email sequences and follow-up with phone calls for your business.

B2B Lead Generation

Testing & Research

Once we have completed your on-boarding, we begin researching your first batch of data. When we say data, what we mean is named contacts within organisations that fit your target market and agreed job titles within your Ideal Customer Profile. 

We look to test a variety of job titles, and aim to research contacts as high as possible in the organisation to generate referrals to the correct decision makers. Our research is always completed from scratch for every campaign to ensure that your target prospect list is up to date, and we never purchase lists as they are usually out of date.


Email & Acquire

Now that we’ve built a list of targeted prospects that fit your ICP, we then look to test the unique cold email sequence of up to 6 emails.

The sole purpose of these initial emails is simple – to start conversations…When the prospect replies, we then look to move the conversation forward either through an email or telephone dialogue.

During any campaign there is a dedicated campaign manager that work on a project, focusing on outbound emails, building intelligence and responding to enquiries. 

Using the qualification criteria that you provide us with during the on-boarding, we look to build up a picture of each individual prospect’s situation and needs.

handing over leads

Calling & Handover

In addition to a member of our research and campaigns team working on your campaign, you will also have an experienced telemarketer making outbound calls on your behalf. The role of telemarketing in our OUTREACH campaigns is to call warm and hot leads such as email respondees, referrals and clickers. 

They employ a soft consultative approach to calling to qualify a need for your offering, and then look to book appointments for you. Once an appointment is booked, either via phone or email, we then provide you with an intel report detailing all touchpoints with the prospect and background on the company itself so that you attend your meetings well prepared. 

Is our OUTREACH Formula The Right Fit For You & Your Business?

Now that you understand how the process works, you may be asking, how do I know if this is right for me and my business. That’s no problem, here’s a brief breakdown of what an ideal client looks like for us…

This service IS for you if:

  • checkYour Average Customer Lifetime Value is in excess of £10k
  • checkYour turnover is in excess of £1M and you have a budget to spend on helping grow your business
  • checkYou want your sales people to focus on selling – NOT prospecting!
  • checkYou have a proven sales process, with at least 10 paying customers.

This service is NOT for you if:

  • Your offering is not considered ‘high value’ therefore the ROI from a project with us doesn’t make sense
  • You are unable to commit financially or with your time to help grow your business 
  • times-rectangle-oYou want to keep your sales team prospecting and the rest of your business development in-house
  • times-rectangle-oYou do not have a clear sales process and proven product offering

Are You Ready To Scale Your Business?

We become an extension of your existing sales efforts, helping you find and close more qualified opportunities that are a great fit for your business.