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What We do

It has taken us years to test and develop a proven process that has enabled us to transform the sales pipelines of multiple businesses.

We take our clients through an 8-step process delivering phenomenal results called the OUTREACH Formula.

We are going to reveal how we implement this process for our clients…

About OUTREACH 2.0

The OUTREACH Formula is based on Cold Calling 2.0, initially developed by Aaron Ross & Marylou Tyler in their book ‘Predictable Revenue’.

After reading this book, our Founder Stefan Boyle created Marketing Republic to deliver an outbound lead generation service for B2B businesses based on this process.

Over the last 4 years, we have been constantly testing and evolving our own process which we now call OUTREACH Formula.

We created this process because traditional Cold Calling, which we call Cold Calling 1.0, just doesn’t work anymore...  

Marketing Republic is the only telemarketing lead generation service provider in the UK that is using this unique approach, which is proven to be three times more effective than the traditional Cold Calling 1.0 approach.

Your Sales reps DO NOT want to be wasting their time Cold Calling and prospecting. 

If your salespeople didn’t have to waste their time cold calling, they could focus on what they do best, which is pitching and winning more business!

You spend a large amount on your sales team, so why would you let them waste their precious time and your money on prospecting?

Chances are you have experienced this next scenario…

“My sales and pipeline has dried up, let me hire some more salespeople so that I can give my revenue an extra push.”

That works in the short term, but then what happens when those sales people exhaust their contacts?

“Some of my sales team have now had to leave and I’ve hired more salespeople”

What happens now?

The same process again! That is the definition of insanity and results in peaks and troughs in your sales pipeline.

Outsourcing the Lead Generation process can enable your Sales Team to focus on what they do best, and keep your sales pipeline full year round.

Which is WHY you should leave the Lead Generation to specialists like Marketing Republic!

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Here are the 8 steps we follow on a daily basis:

1. “Opportunity”. Teaching you the timeless foundation building blocks of sales, persuasion and influence. These are the rules that allow you to go from a needy, arm-twisting, entrepreneur who is desperate to sell your product to anyone who will listen to you, to a confident authority who speaks from a place of power and service.

2. “Understand”. Understand all the problems and how you solve them. Looking at the problems from a prospects perspective. The next step is to define your Ideal Customer Profile. A single magical sentence that sets your company above the competition.

3. “Test”. We put everything into action. The put together the prospecting action plan and define our ideal customer profile.

4. “Research”. Getting to know the best tools available which will help make your job easier, as you can monitor the success of your messaging, targeting of job titles and the list of variables go on.

5. “Email”. What not to do and what to do when replying and sending emails. We also talk about all the tools that are needed for the email and when customers reply. We provide templates within our service which show you how to structure your emails.

6. “Acquire”. It’s about how to refine and plan your prospecting strategy by identifying the core components that make the perfect approach. Get it right and it can make you millions, get it wrong and you could be doomed.

7. “Call”. We prepare for the call narrowing our data down to who is relevant and who is not to much. On the call we have several questions that we ask to try and gain as much information as possible which we then pass over to our client.

8. “Handover”. This is the final step of our process where we handover the qualified leads to our clients where they finish the sales process.

We have specific roles working within three specialised functions, all of which work on your campaign. These are:

  1. Business Development Manager: our experienced in-house telemarketers are used to having high level conversations with senior decision makers including the C-Suite across a wide range of vertical markets. Their role is to qualify potential sales opportunities and report back the details so your sales team can close the deal.
  2. Campaign Manager: your dedicated Campaign Manager is responsible for crafting the initial email sequence, which is always bespoke and tailored to your business. They set-up and run a dedicated CRM system for your campaign, so all intelligence we collect for you can be regularly reported.
  3. Research Executive: this role is crucial to the success of any lead generation campaign, as they research and build a list of ‘personal’ business email addresses (for example, john.smith@abcplc.com rather than info@abcplc.com) that fit your Ideal Customer Profile. In addition, they are responsible for recording all the intelligence from every single response we receive from prospects to build a picture of your marketplace positioning and potential competitors.

Traditional sales & marketing funnels have been re-defined with OUTREACH 2.0 – the process is more detailed and rigid with each member of our team given specific responsibilities and target outcomes.

Outreach Formula 2.0 will work for you if:

  • Your Average Customer Lifetime Value is in excess of £20k.
  • Your turnover is in excess of £1M.
  • You have a Proven Sales Process.
  • You have at least 10 paying customers.
  • You sell products or packaged services.
  • You have a dedicated sales function.
  • You want to grow your business.
  • You want your sales people to focus on selling – NOT prospecting!

How It Works

Outreach Formula 2.0 is based on an initial email approach which is not sales orientated. Our sequence of emails is designed to start conversations and not be a two page sales pitch email.

Data Selection and Provisioning:

Our system works on 3 levels of data requirement and prospecting strategies.

1. Mass Emails: To get the system up and running we have relationships with existing data providers that are the very best at what they do. Whilst these are called ‘mass’ they are far from that. We work with you to define your Ideal Client Profile and acquire data as close to that profile as possible. The big difference with our solution and other lead generation methods is this is only the start whereas others rely on data quality because the data is everything.

Let us explain

When we build a pool of data, you are likely to get 1-3 contacts from each Account. Very often people have moved on and/or email addresses are wrong or go to generic email addresses. We put everyone on an automated email process and work all the responses. We track any that bounce back, we track any that are undelivered and we track all left office messages that have replied back to us. These are then entered onto a workflow to add new people, find new email addresses and start the process again. If there is no response from an Account after the automated emails we enter them into a workflow to have new people added. Ultimately we aim as high up the organisation as possible in order to gain referrals to the relevant personnel, or engage with senior executives.

2. Named Account Emails: Here we define a smaller number of Accounts based on your target criteria. These are the companies you have identified that you really want to be working with – your Ideal Clients. Marketing Republic defines 1 – 5 contacts per account using Internet research and sends out a semi tailored email to all contacts. We have a very well proven and tested template system aimed at getting into a 1st conversation at Named Account companies, or referred to relevant personnel.

3. Working The Responses: All responses are immediately followed by telephone and email. These are typically – a) Please contact me or Tell me more (we like these!). b) I’m in contract c) happy with existing provider d) an internal referral e) head office deals with it f) too big or too small g) not interested and so on. We have well developed telephone conversations that are proven to act as a bridge from all of these answers to enter into a conversation on an outbound call. Once on the call we can qualify further, profile against the Ideal Client profile, determine secondary information for KPI’s such as annual spend and contract end dates as well as the most important thing – set an initial telephone discussion with your sales people.

4. Outcomes: the process of Cold Calling 2.0 is to develop Predictable Revenue. Please don’t expect this to happen instantly as it takes time to refine and sometimes define both the target prospect as well as the most effective proposition.

If you have a dedicated prospecting team in place and you already have a proven message and target market, we can help you improve and scale that process. If you don’t, then we can develop the process for you but please don’t expect us to be able to tell you specific target outcomes up front because if you don’t know those numbers specific to your business and market place, we more than likely won’t initially know either. We will test, measure, and refine the messaging and the profile of your target prospects to enable us to provide a proven & predictable outcome.

It can take between 3 and 6 months to develop these numbers to give you trends and reliable statistics to enable to measure ongoing ROI in your sales and marketing. All work that we undertake will help build that data and intelligence.

Marketing Republic have started conversations with our Ideal Customers, they got my team in front of some of the largest prospects we were targeting. We’ve been working with them for over ten months, and the last month was even better than all before it. My growing sales teams are happy to see qualified leads coming through instead of having to waste time prospecting

Steve Thomas
Sales Director

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