The Myth of Instant Success

“Click here for instant success”

“Rank on Page One in 1 day”

“Lose weight without dieting”

“Build muscles like Arnold without going to the gym”

We’ve all heard it before right?

Author Joe De Sana said that “easy is the greatest marketing hook of all time” and he was clearly right!

There’s a relentless stream of media stories and marketing messages on the latest diet and even ongoing stories of some kind of pill that will aid weight loss without dieting or exercise!!


Kill. Me. Now!

I guess if you can fool enough people into believing this type of garbage then you probably are going to become an overnight success!

But… do you really want to become successful by scamming people and duping them into believing some fake fantasy?

If you answered yes… kindly stop reading 😉

Ok… still here?


I believe most people want to achieve their goals by fair and reputable means.

I’m the eternal optimist however!!

But in all honesty, my experience is that the vast majority of business people are going about their business in ethical and legal ways.

But I worry about some sales people who I notice online as well as occasionally first hand, who want it all instantly!

Believing that a little bit of success means they are owed a living!

The reality is, sales can be tough.

One big win doesn’t make you a winner.

There is one struggle to get to the top but there is an ever bigger effort required to stay there!

“David Beckham is Britain’s finest striker of a football not because of God-given talent but because he practises with a relentless application that the vast majority of less gifted players wouldn’t contemplate.” Sir Alex Ferguson

I read a lot as well as listen to audio books, videos, seminars etc etc about business, marketing, mindset and what is working for people really doing it, really making progress and creating amazing businesses.

This doesn’t make me special, obviously!

But I strive to learn and improve myself and my skill set every day.

Being relentlessly inquisitive is something I admire in those who are always learning and educating themselves to be better.

Here is something I’ve brazenly stolen from Tony Robbins…..

The key to success?

Model the best.

If you want to be successful, there are three secrets for turning your dreams and goals into reality:

Secret #1 : The surest way to achieve success is to model someone who is already successful. If you don’t have good models, find someone who is the best in your chosen field and emulate them. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel – simply learn from the best. 

Secret #2 : Ask someone who can help you. Whatever you want in life, someone has already discovered how to get it — and you want to figure out what they are doing right. Someone can likely save you time and pain with the knowledge they’ve gained in their own experiences, but understand that their time is valuable. First, figure out how you can help them, add value to their life, and then they will be more likely to help you. 


Secret #3 : Success leaves clues. People who succeed consistently are not lucky; they’re doing something different than anyone else. They have a strategy that works, and if you follow their strategy and you sow the same seeds, then you’ll reap the same rewards. 

In my business, Marketing Republic, I looked at a pain I had in my printing business. The ability to finding an ongoing supply of sales opportunities for my sales people to work.

For me it was a massive struggle and I realised with my sales people I had round pegs in square holes.

They were good at “farming” current clients but pushing them to go and find new clients and they ran for the hills!

I was asking the wrong people to do a job they (or I) didn’t have the skills, or desire to do well. After all, if you quickly fail at something it’s easy to give up and make an excuse.

Trying to work people harder was the wrong thing to do.

Making the typical mistake of buying a database of businesses and asking people to cold call was quite frankly a good way to p*ss money up the wall!!!

Non scientific and to be frank, I was modelling the mistakes of others rather than the proven, successful methodology of those who were sales prospecting the right way!!

When I recognised this failing and then educated myself…. I got results!!

Marketing Republic helps solve this problem for our clients, who all have high value propositions that they sell B2B.

But of course, not everyone wants to outsource.

Some want to either build their own skill set or hire and train people who have the skills to develop sales opportunities for sales people whose expertise is in closing deals to work on.

But hard work isn’t everything.

If you are flogging a dead horse with sales processes that don’t work you’ll still struggle!

Working smarter is the key.

For those who want to find the fastest way of “modelling success” of B2B sales prospecting experts (oops… feeling a little British and embarrassed about biggingourselves up too much!!)…

I decided there’s only one thing to do.

Teach others to do it!

So… I have created a course that literally explains what we do, how we do it and the steps we create when working with clients and it’s the course we now use to teach our own team members when they join Marketing Republic.

This course is called the OUTREACH Formula 2.0

There is a caveat.

If you do what we teach… it works.

If you don’t… it doesn’t!

It’s not an instant silver bullet to overnight success!!

You have to do the work!!


  • Will the process we teach make it easy?
  • Will it eliminate rejection and failure?
  • Will it make sales and business in general pain free and a walk in the park?

Of course not!!

But… it WILL help accelerate your success as we have been through the pain time and time again… invested tens of thousands of pounds and hours working the system to make it better!

You will benefit from our mistakes, successes and from running campaigns for clients in various different industries, campaigning in 23 countries to date.

If you want to know more… just click HERE

There are over 50 videos, workbooks, audios, transcriptions and what most people seem to be excited about…. 9 workbooks of all the email templates we use in our campaigns.

You can literally cut and paste the appropriate cold email templates that suit you and your business.

We explain how to define your Ideal Customer Profile, build a database of those people and all the strategies we use to build sales pipeline for our clients.

If you want to go through this programme yourself that’s fine.

If you want one or more of your team to do it… that’s fine too!

Oh… if you don’t like it… you have protection of a money back guarantee!!

Click HERE to check it out!

Have a great day!

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