Are You Marketing To Look Busy?

Having spent a large amount of time trying various social media platforms and marketing techniques, I know what my business needs to focus on to make the best use of time and resources.

It is not a smart use of you or your employees time to try and be consistently using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Direct Mail, Instagram, Email, Video, SEO, PPC and the list goes on…

My point is this: find out what platforms and approaches resonate with your target audience, and focus on a handful of approaches. For example, if you work at SaaS company, find out where your prospects are hanging out. Produce content that will reach them, and introduce your company, and keep yourselves Top-of-Mind.

You’re not a Marketing expert just because you use them all of these tools.

If you’re using a social network, you need to build engagement that causes a real contribution towards your sales or marketing targets! Not just a few likes and retweets of other people’s content that you share because you can’t think of your own. That’s not a great example of how prospects will learn about you.

I’m an advocate of Facebook marketing/advertising, and have been focusing on it of late because I know I get a clear ROI from using the platform. The Cost Per Click is vastly different to that of Adwords campaigns, and allows smaller businesses to compete with the bigger organisations who have larger budgets.

However, I do believe that there is something to be said for using social media to educate your audience, which is fine too, if you can see that this activity is leading to higher conversions of referral traffic as an example.

But again, find the right content that your audience is most likely to WANT to consume. Then get it to them, whether that is from building your email list through your website, or sharing your content on social media channels that you put time into.

You may be asking where this is coming from, the truth is, the inspiration for this post came from Gary Vaynerchuk. In the video I watched, he explains that just because you have X number of followers that quite frankly it means NOTHING without relevant engagement.


You should want YOUR content to matter to the people that read it. I strive to create as much value as possible for readers and viewers of my videos. Otherwise, what is the point? If your content is making your prospects take action, or taking them on the next step of their journey, why bother?

Whatever reason you try and come up with doesn’t matter…

Start simplifying and streamlining what you do. Start specialising your marketing and rise above your competitors.

I’d quite like to mention a quote that I feel is relevant from Bruce Lee, “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced 1 kick 10,000 times”.


Schedule a Strategy Consultation with one of our B2B Lead Generation experts, who can talk you through new methods and approaches for your business.

To transfer this to the subject matter, as an example, you could choose to dominate your competition on Facebook, which you can do from a variety of ways such as capturing emails through a promoted landing page.

So choose a selection of tools and practice them, find out what works through testing. Drop tools that are not relevant to your prospects and repeat until you find a reliable arsenal of marketing approaches that you can scale.

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