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LinkedIn Rant


Why... do people keep posting viral videos on LinkedIn?!

I don’t get it?

Is it ego?

“Oh well yes, I often get 50,000 views on my posts”

Ok that’s nice, how many people are you doing business with from those who watched your bloody cat videos?!

Inspirational videos are nice!

But they are like fast food!

You watch them and then it’s forgotten!

Stop worrying about getting tens of thousands of views and likes.

Focus on building engagement with people who fit your Ideal Customer Profile!

Build relationships with those people.

Create an audience.

Build credibility.

Work on becoming known for something specific.

That can be done with videos, posts, blogs...

But also by regular outreach using LinkedIn messaging...


Don’t keep pitching.

Talk to people.

Understand their business, objectives and what the hurdles are to achieving those objectives...

You may well have the solution they’re looking for!!

Just keep building that digital real estate...

It’s a footprint and content people can refer back to!

If you need help...

Just ask me!

I won’t pitch you unless you’re looking for specific help!

I’m always happy to give any advice I can!!

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