Lead Generation Strategy

Lead Generation Strategy

Essential and so often overlooked, an effective lead generation strategy is essential in order to maintain continuity of enquiries and to keep your sales funnel topped up. Much is written and discussed about creating and managing a lead generation strategy but the reality is that issues of this nature are often overlooked until it is almost too late – when the funnel is dry and your lead generation strategyenquiries stopped weeks ago. Planning and a little forethought required? You know it.


All is not lost though. B2B Lead Generation requires a carefully considered and methodical approach if it is to reap any rewards.  Outreach Formula 2.0 is our tried and tested process that has been proven to be THREE TIMES MORE EFFECTIVE than cold calling. Yes, you can become 3 times more efficient and effective by adopting a proven lead generation strategy that delivers results time and again – and quickly.

Outreach Formula 2.0 initiates a ‘warm up’ process of carefully crafted e-mails target towards cold  recipients, with the sole intention of warming them up and making them more malleable towards what will ultimately be the killer sales call. Proven in practise over many years, Outreach 2.0 needs little introduction.

Where most businesses fail however is in the required discipline of continuity and consistency. Like any other exercise, if a lead generation strategy is to deliver anything then it has to be addressed seriously. Lead generation tools abound but we all know that there are few quick fixes that actually work. Quality and consistency are the keys to a successful lead generation strategy.

Marketing Republic would be delighted to hear from you and answer any questions regarding B2B lead generation and marketing , from inception to implementation, regardless of where you sit on the curve.  Contact us here – we don’t bite!


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