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How to beat the LinkedIn algorithm!

How to beat the LinkedIn algorithm!!!

Here is the answer to the MAGIC FORMULA on how to dominate LinkedIn by cracking the code and learning the algorithm...

The answer is...


You’ll never know it as is changes...

And more importantly...

It doesn’t matter!!!

f you want loads of hits find a viral motivational video and post it...

Film yourself saving orphaned dolphins in the Sahara 

Hang on... that one would DEFINITELY go viral 

But going viral is overrated!

If you want to build relationships with senior decision makers, focus on quality.

Focus on adding value.

Focus on being authentic.

Be raw.

Be YOU!!

People who want to beat the algorithm and get a million likes want to cheat because they don’t want to do the work!!!

Build relationships with 20, 50 or 100 people who could become Ideal Clients and speak to those people as if it’s one on one!

Doesn’t always matter about being perfect...

None of us anyway!

Check near the end of this video where it goes dark when my car lights go out 

But I believe my message is more important than perfect lighting!!

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