How To Hit Your Sales Targets!


“My Sales Pipeline is Full of Peaks and Troughs and I don’t Know How To Change it So I Hit My Sales Targets…

What Should I Do?”

If you’re a Business Owner, Sales Director, Manager or Rep, this question is probably something you’ve asked yourself at some point in time.

Whatever your role is, the amount of pressure you feel during a sales slump can be extremely overwhelming.

The only reassuring thing is… you’re not alone!

I’ve been there.

Many of us have.

In fact, if any entrepreneur tells you they haven’t experienced this feeling at some point… or more than likely, on many occasions, they’re probably not sharing the whole truth with you!

The feeling is overwhelming.


For me, I can’t sleep well, I feel like I can almost barely breathe and if you have other responsibilities it’s compounded. I’m not just talking about staff, overheads, but the people you support in your life.

I have a family and my whole reason is to support them and try and give them the best life possible.

This makes the pressure I put on myself 100 times worse!

Can you relate to this?

Good. I thought so… I assume this is why you’re reading this!

When this happens, we have two choices:

Blame everybody else… It’s not your fault…

(first lesson….IT IS YOUR FAULT!!!).

I’ve had all these excuses under the sun from my previous sales teams and you may recognise some of these well-thumbed excuses…

  • We are too expensive…
  • The marketplace is quiet…
  • The economy is slow…
  • Clients have no budget…
  • Our competition is better than us…

I could go on.

You may have even used some of these yourself,… I know I have!

Or… The second option….

Confront the Problem HEAD ON!

Of course, I’d advise you do the second option, BUT, you need a strategy!

Here’s the first steps I found to work for me…


For me, a large part of achieving success, is to have real belief.

Not blind belief, walking boldly into the abyss with your fingers crossed. No, genuine belief that if you put together a plan and more importantly…


Do that… and you’ll get through it!

Sitting around hoping and believing will only mean you sink lower!

Or, just doing the same thing you’ve always done but expecting a different result…

I’m not sure how many times I’ve seen people in business do this, but if I had a £ for…

No, I won’t go there!

So a plan is essential. A proven, effective strategy that you learn, implement, test, refine, repeat!

Make some changes, believe and TAKE ACTION!


So What is The Best Way to Get More Clients?

How do you decide what to do?

Something I’ve learned from a number of hyper successful entrepreneurs is this simple message.

The amount of money in your bank account is directly reflecting the amount of value you offer your clients!


That hurts a little doesn’t it!

You thought you were doing a great job.

Of course you may be, but the strategies you are using may not enable you to monetise the value you offer.

Obviously, the harsh truth may be you’re simply not offering enough value!

When you’re selling, the first step is this…


That sounds a little weird to a natural born sales person right?

But if you only focus on your own objectives, the danger is you lose focus of the needs of your customers.

But you have to resist and push away your own problems and focus on your prospects issues at hand.

And that also means turning a deal down if it isn’t the right fit for your prospect.

When you stop trying to “close deals” and START focusing on HELPING your prospects, all of a sudden that tense, untrustworthy tone in your voice that you didn’t even realise was there, disappears and, all of a sudden, you start having real conversations with prospects.

It’s an old saying and it’s easier to say than it is to do, but if you want to get what you want, you have to put the needs of others first.

To put this into practice, each sales call you make, before you pick up the phone, have the mindset of calling to see how you might be able to “help” them.

In other words… KEEP OFFERING VALUE!

That will help keep your focus where it needs to be while taking the tension you feel out of your voice.

The other upside to this, offering value is actually enjoyable, rewarding and when you sell with a smile in your voice you more often than not, do more business!


Sales is often made up of simple ratios…


Sometimes when you’re struggling and it feels like your trying to push water uphill, your productivity dwindles with your increasing frustration.

Desperation kicks in and believe me… subconsciously your prospects can sense this.

Using the tips above will help you have the right frame of mind and tone of voice – now it’s time to get to work.

Start making more dials and fewer excuses.

Sure, maybe your skill set could use some fresh new techniques – but you didn’t forget how to sell overnight.

Implement the three basic steps above to get back on the right path and start making some progress.

Top sales people truly only have a major sales slump happen to them once.

The best of the best learn from their mistakes and work to ensure it never happens again. So climb your way out, one sales call at a time and never look back.

But, taking action is one thing… a proven, effective strategy is another.


At Marketing Republic, we run B2B Sales Prospecting Campaigns for clients with high value propositions (4 figures upwards), who have a consultative sales process.

They have skilled sales people who are most effective when they are in front of their Ideal Prospects, more of the time.

We help them by making that happen!

We build sales pipeline. Simple as that!

Sounds easy right?!

Well it’s much easier when you’ve developed an effective formula and process that we replicate across all our client campaigns. And we’ve tested and refined this process many times over…

(First rule of sales and marketing… never stop testing and refining!).

… we’ve create many £millions of sales pipeline in 23 countries for our clients who are both UK as well as many other countries around the world.

We call this process the OUTREACH FORMULA….

You can watch this video to find out more…

Thanks for reading! If you want to find out more, you have two options…


Want to talk with one of our lead generation specialists who can explain how we can do this for your business?

Would you prefer to find out more about our process itself and learn how YOU can implement it yourself?

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