Copywriting Tips – 10 Tips for Writing Content that Gets Found – Infographic

If You Write Great Content.. You’ve Got to Make Sure it Gets Read!

Copywriting is deemed by many people to be a skill that only professional copywriters have and if you haven’t graduated from the copywriting school of excellence then there is no way on earth you are able to write decent copy!

Well I beg to differ!

For me, there is one criteria that is the only real skill you need to have the degree of skill necessary and that is the ability communicate! If you can talk, have conversations and discuss what it is you do, how you do it and who you do it for, then you can write copy that is good enough for your content marketing!

 Now, if you are a professional copywriter reading this, please, please, please do not think I am disrespecting your skill as a great copywriter can make a hell of a difference to a marketing campaign.What I’m talking about here is copywriting for content marketing purposes where you are creating content that helps your prospects to get to know you and for you to build a relationship as they read and understand more about you. This is where I believe many people go wrong.

I’ve met many people who are brilliant sales people and who can talk about their business, how they help people and give details of great case studies for hours! But then you approach the subject of copywriting and ask them to write a blogpost and they get that “rabbit in the headlights” look and start to question their ability to write in a way other people would want to read.

When they talk about how they’ve tried before and found it difficult so they’ve given up.

It’s usually because they try and write in someone else’s voice… in maybe a “corporate” or “professional” way.  To me this is missing the point entirely about the reason for creating content and why copywriting is often over complicated by people.

If I want to read up about a company, I want to really get to know the people and what they are about.

Let me ask you a question…

How many times have to visited a Business to Business website and read the homepage and you’ve pressed that all important “back button” as sub consciously it’s left you feeling cold and not connected with you in any way?

I guess it’s an impossible question to answer accurately but generically the answer is “loads of times”!!

Most people write in a non-descript, impersonal way that does no engage… in fact it disengages and hence the bounce back off the site!

Your business blog is probably the most essential way new prospects can find out about you, your business and what you do. If it’s not about you and your business and you do not even attempt to connect with people then don’t bother and I suggest you consider employing a business like Marketing Republic to do it for you!

Of course many people have blogs for Search Engine Optimisation reasons.

Lots of copy and content about your chosen subject and although it’s not highly readable, you hope Google loves it. Well I am not arguing that philosophy doesn’t work… in many instances that serves a purpose. But of you want to implement aContent Marketing Strategy that helps you engage your prospects as well as your clients then there is clearly a need to write in a personal way and not to worry about keyword stuffing and SEO as often that type of writing is not very readable and it certainly won’t be highly engaging.

As the first point in the Copywriting Infographic below states… you are not writing for robots, you are writing for human beings!

I find it slightly amusing when I see all the adverts from SEO companies about ranking your website and the fast strategies to try and cheat Google so you get your website onto page one!

Google is an phenomenal business. It is gargantuan and with all due respect, you maybe very successful yourself but I have doubts that you and your business is in their league. That is not an insult by any means. What I’m saying is that don’t try and beat Google… you simply won’t!

When it comes down to search and putting to one side the international issues over corporation tax, Google is an amazing company and what it is doing is proving a service that is clearly second to none. What they are doing is helping people search for what they are looking for and making sure the results they get are relevant, popular and solves the search query they entered!

You are quite simply not going to beat that!

So don’t fight it… Show Google the love it wants and needs!!

Try and write the best content you can, give people… well the people you are targeting… what they are looking for and make it as easy as possible for people to find it! Of course you optimise it for the search engines as you want it to be found, but also share it on social media and make it easy for your readers to do the same!

If you have your reader in mind at all times and you write as if you are sitting in a room with that person and you are having a conversation, it flows and is easy to understand and it has far more chance to connect and engage.

The other upside is, it’s far quicker and easier to write as if you are speaking in your own voice than trying to be a different person and writing for the wrong reasons or in the wrong voice!

The other important thing is not to worry about who doesn’t like what you are writing.

You can’t please all the people, all of the time!

And don’t try to!

Many people are worried about what people may think so they don’t write, or even worse, they write bland and instantly forgettable copy so no-one disagrees or forms an opinion about it in any way!

Who wants to be instantly forgettable?!

Not many people and if you are an ambitious Entrepreneur, Marketer, Sales Director and Business person, I think it’s pretty safe to say you aren’t a wallflower who wants to stay unnoticed!

So check out this great infographic and let me know what you think. Personally, I love it when people keep things simple and easy to understand… obviously it’s my limited brainpower! But like all marketing, if you can keep it simple, but deliver value on a regular basis that helps people it has longevity and people will look out for more from you.

I hope you agree but I also quite like it when people disagree!


Well life would be boring if we all agreed don’t you think?

There is also no exact science when it comes to marketing in general and in particular Content Marketing! It’s about opinions, it’s also about what works and has the desired effect so whatever I or anyone else says, if you have a system and style that is delivering results then how can that be argued with!

What I would say as a caveat is it’s important to learn, evolve and continually improve and sometimes others with more experience and success than you can often help improve the results you are getting.

Another thing to consider is that it’s important to be in on the Content Marketing bandwagon as it’s here and now! People have unlimited amounts of information at their finger tips so if you aren’t fulfilling this never ending desire for information then there is a good chance your competitors have the upper hand.

So if you can’t do it, won’t do it or hate doing it, employ someone within your organsisation to do it for you or of course you can outsource it to a specialist content marketing agency like Marketing Republic!


  1. Check out the Copywriting Tips Infographic below
  2. Comment and add your thoughts
  3. Share it on Social Media
  4. Implement the ideas!!
  5. Or contact us and get us to do it for you!!

Wow, I’m bossy aren’t I!!

So go on then… do it!!

Have a great day

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