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May 10

The Myth of Instant Success

"Click here for instant success" "Rank on Page One in 1 day" "Lose weight without dieting" "Build muscles like Arnold without going to the gym" We've all heard it before right? Author Joe De Sana said that "easy is the greatest marketing hook of all time" and he was clearly... read more →
Mar 30
Mar 21
Why a B2B Prospecting Campaign Can Fail!

Why a B2B Prospecting Campaign Can Fail!

I often get asked why does a B2B Sales Prospecting Campaign Campaign fail? There's a multitude of reasons and today I just want to go through some of those reasons to see if any of them apply to you. If you're having problems generating the opportunities for your business,... read more →
Mar 02

Will Cold Email Work For Your Business

I have constant ongoing debates with people on social networks and more often than not, here on Linkedin as to whether cold email still works! For me, this is not about opinion but about testing and results! At my business, Marketing Republic, we are implementing B2B sales prospecting campaigns constantly... read more →
Nov 08

How To Hit Your Sales Targets!

"My Sales Pipeline is Full of Peaks and Troughs and I don’t Know How To Change it So I Hit My Sales Targets... What Should I Do?" If you’re a Business Owner, Sales Director, Manager or Rep, this question is probably something you’ve asked yourself at some point in... read more →
Nov 08
Nov 01

Podcast with Marylou Tyler

Listen here: ​About Marylou Tyler Marylou Tyler is the co-author of #1 bestseller Predictable Revenue. She is also the founder of her own sales process improvement consulting group called Strategic Pipeline. Marylou is a true sales Prospecting authority and is about to release her latest book. ​ About... read more →
Oct 27
Oct 27

Stop Being a Sales and Marketing WIMP!!

I repeatedly remind my team as well as clients and prospects that fundamentally, my business, Marketing Republic… is in the INTERRUPTION business!It’s pretty much as simple as that!At Marketing Republic, we are a B2B Business Development Agency that works with clients to build their sales pipeline and start conversations with Ideal... read more →
Oct 25