B2B vs B2C Content Marketing

What I love about content marketing is that it starts conversations.

In business, without conversations there is nothing as business is ultimately all about relationships in one way or another and it’s a great feeling when you write a post and distribute it and you get feedback. That feedback can be positive or negative and for me that’s a good thing.

The last thing any of us want is to be bland and not spark any kind of reaction.

Of course sometimes your content can create more questions than answers but the beauty of content marketing whether it’s in a B2B or a B2C environment, it’s all about people, relationships and conversations!

Businesses are just legal entities run by other human beings!

Of course people in businesses have often very different agendas from outside business but the whole idea of content is to connect with people.

One of my recent blogposts as title below was about content marketing for B2B businesses and I had an interesting comment from Gareth at http://openplains.co.uk/wp/ – Gareth questioned my points on my post that he viewed as being more B2C than B2B and to be honest i can see his point!

Check out the post below and see Gareth’s comment below it.

Is Content Marketing Enough to Drive B2B Sales Leads?

So as I said, the beauty of content marketing is it creates dialogue and opinion and an opportunity to respond in a positive way.

For me, content marketing is an invaluable marketing strategy that works equally well for B2B as well as B2C.

Of course the difference is the audience, the products and the message needs to be structured and delivered slightly differently depending on what you do.

But ultimately, the reason behind creating the content is to stand out, build relationships and become a thought leader in your market place. Being found is vital and where you syndicate your content to is extremely important. Search engine optimisation places a big part in being found but also the social bookmarking and sharing is a sideline strategy but is relevant in connecting with your market place.

For example, using Linkedin is an obvious place to distribute your content if you sell Business to Business as it is really the Facebook of business! If you target corporate businesses, sharing your content in a Facebook group for cat lovers is going to be pretty much wasting your time (as well as the members of the group being slightly miffed!).

Now of course this is being a little facetious but you get the point!

The benefit of content marketing is you can target specific markets, answer potential questions that marketplace may have and become a figure of trust. A B2B content marketing strategy gives you the opportunity to be specific, target a niche with the types of content, the subjects of the content and sending it out to the places your niche hangs out!

Here is an interesting video about the whole debate of B2B vs B2C Content marketing. Take a few minutes to watch it and see what you think.

Of course I’d like you to be like Gareth and join the conversation… to feel free to add your thoughts below!

Have a great day!

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