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Argh… No Positive Email Responses

Happy Monday

Today we’ve blocked out 30 minutes to review how our own new business campaigns are running and most importantly how to improve them to make them even better.

The fact is, we’ve tested some new email copy and sequences to a small batch of prospects but we haven’t generated anything positive. 

So in this half an hour we will dissect why that was, to be honest, we tried something that is not our usual style. We opted for slightly longer emails with what we thought had humour and intrigue.

We were wrong.

But that’s okay. 

I always tell my team, if you have an idea test it. We can then analyse the feasibility of the idea/copy/targeting after the test campaign.

So today, we will discuss new ideas and perhaps adapting some messaging that we KNOW works... because sometimes you need to stop trying to be too clever and go with what works.

When it comes to tweaking or testing new elements of your messages, what we would suggest is running A/B Tests. You can run tests in any part of your emails...

For example, if you had a subject line such as ‘Quick Question’ which received a 25% open rate. 

You could then test ‘Quick Question (Prospect’s First Name’ alongside that to see how it compares.

So you could send 50 using Subject Line A and 50 using B then continue to use the winner of the test. 

Then move on to another element of your email, for example, your call to action. 

Test asking for a 5 minute call vs 10 minutes... to see where you get more positive responses. Then select the winner.

Repeat for all other templates. 

What are you going to do to be productive this Friday, do let me know! 

If you have any questions about email or testing emails do ask or comment below.

Alternatively, check out our latest webinar replay as there’s some details about email as well as other elements of sales prospecting.

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