30 Terrible Pieces of Social Media Marketing Advice You Should Ignore

There an awful lot of “Social Media Experts” appearing offering different advice on all kinds of online marketing and social media. I must say there are some people who offer incredible advice, ideas and tips but there are also some points of view that for me is simply the type of social media advice you should ignore!

Out of the many expert resources out there, Hubspot is one in particular who I personally find to be an real expert source of knowledge. I noticed this really interesting article which I have summarised below… there is a link to the full article at the foot of this post… hope you enjoy!

1) You need to be on every single social network.

2) Focus on Facebook …

3) You don’t need email.

4) Social media is the new SEO.

5) You can automate all of your updates.

6) Send an auto DM to all your new followers.

7) Include popular hashtags in your tweets to get more exposure.

8) Your prospects aren’t using social media, so you don’t need to be there.

9) The more you publish, and the more sites you’re on, the better.

13) Don’t get personal.

20) Social media is completely free.

21) All you need is social media.

 23) Fan/follower growth is the most important metric.

24) Engagement is the most important metric.

25) You should only publish messages about your company.

26) You should post X updates per day.

27) Once you get your Facebook/Twitter/Blog account set up, social media is super easy!

28) You don’t need a strategy for social media.

29) You should have separate social media accounts for every division of your company.

30) You can’t simply ask people to comment, follow, or retweet you.


So what do you think of that! Been advised to do any of those things before?

I’ve heard, seen and read people offering this advice. I have one piece of advice that is simple and if you follow this rule, you will not go far wrong. It’s not specific to any particular platform, it’s not marketing advice, it’s not business advice… it’s common sense!

The key to Social Media Marketing is in the name… it’s SOCIAL!!

Behave in a sensible way and in the manner you would with suitable to the company you are in… by mean company, I don’t mean a business… I mean the people you are with, talk to and would like to be talking to!

Be sociable, be sensible and think about posting drunken party pics on twitter if you have clients, business partners or prospects who could see them!

It’s not rocket science!

Read the full article from Hubspot here…



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