10 Content Marketing Subjects We All Love

We Don’t Start a B2B Lead Generation Campaign and not expect it to generate any leads do we! We also don’t create content for our readers and not expect them to read it!

So the Big Question is always…

What kind of content do we create for an effective Content Marketing Strategy?

The content we create has to engage, otherwise it’s almost pointless. OK, there’s good SEO value to creating content and that is an argument of sorts. But what’s the point of creating content, getting ranked well in the search engines as your website and all your content is well optimised but the net result is no readers… which equals no customers or prospects!

If you decide to contract a B2B Content Marketing Agency, or you decided to carry out your content creation yourself or by one of your team, then at least think about your potential readers and what they would like to read, watch or listen to.

One of the most important factors is to be REAL!

Add personality, write as you speak and be natural. Don’t turn into a corporate robot and come out with a load of marketing babble that feels very “salesy” and turns people off. Obviously this is 100% opposite to the whole idea behind content marketing!

The most common question when it comes to creating marketing content is “well what on earth do I write about?!”

Here are 10 Types of Content We Love to Read About…

1. Stories

It’s part of being a human being to love a story. It’s clearly the number one way to engage with people and to stick in their minds. Stories can resonate with your reader for a whole number of reasons but it’s a sure fire way of getting and keeping attention.

2. Brings out our emotions

If we can connect with our reader in anyway and trigger even the smallest emotion we will be able to make an impact! Emotions set triggers in our brains and we all have them.. yes even men!


3. Reveal Secrets

Now generally I would not recommend you pour out your deepest, darkest secrets within your content marketing strategy! What I mean is to create headlines and content around mini revelations than can be as simple as your top tips, how you achieve something and almost more of a trade secret. Simply put it’s some knowledge that is encapsulated into a way that people will find slightly revealing, useful and interesting!

4. Dreams Can Come True!

Clearly it’s not good to be delusional, promise the earth and not be able to deliver. As the old saying goes, “if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is!” SO don’t be silly and be over evangelical and unrealistic, but proven, measurable strategies that can gain great results for people, enabling them to make progress or achieve something they maybe couldn’t before is a great way to get people using content and also to share it.

5. Remind People of Things They Knew But Could Have Forgotten

This is something like explaining the 7 simple steps to XYZ or the first things to must do to achieve ABC. It’s often obvious, but always a good reminder to go back to basics, master those techniques and then at a later date master more advanced stages.

6. Life Is Short

This is also relating back to the emotions point above, but it’s important to use as a marketing strategy, to create some exclusivity or restriction on supply. Don’t waste time, get it ordered, completed or finished before it’s sold out… because if you forget it, you may regret it! This can work in a number of ways, depending on the market and industry you are in. You can imagine the uses in a market like recruitment, where big decisions to go for a new career or role can have life changing results. It can be all kinds to things, but it’s connecting emotion within people that they have to live for the moment and take action!

7. Little Guy Beats Big Guy

Everyone loves these stories… well unless you are the Goliath that has been defeated by David! It relates to story telling and helping people believe that what you can offer can give them a huge advantage over their competitors!

8. Challenge Their Beliefs

First rule of content is “Don’t be Dull!” So occasionally, it’s good to be slightly edgy or controversial. Add personality and maybe some beliefs by giving your opinion on what has happened in your industry, what is happening and what will happen in the future! Don’t sit on the fence and get splinters! Tell people, start a conversation and get known for what you truly believe in! Don’t be controversial for the sake of it. You must be true to your beliefs and consistent but get people talking!

9. Make em Smile!

We all like to laugh and smile, even in the midst of a busy day or stressful time, it’s sometimes good to have a 5 minute breather and offer your reader some light hearted entertainment that can show your human side. It can be wording, images or video. I particularly recommend the last two as these types of content get shared so much on social media which is the ultimate goal in getting your content read by as many people as possible!

10. Never, Ever, Ever Give Up!

If you can offer some inspiration and hope with positive stories of success as well as the tools, tips, ideas and strategies to help people, you will get people coming back for more!

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