We Generate Qualified Sales Opportunities for Your B2B Business Without Cold Calling.

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We've helped numerous companies across the globe, exceed their new business targets using a unique sales prospecting formula. 

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A Unique Approach to Lead Generation

Outreach Formula 2.0 means prospecting into cold accounts to generate new business without using any cold calls. A cold call is defined as calling someone who doesn’t know you and who isn’t expecting your call. No one enjoys this – neither the caller nor the person being called.

​​Each and every opportunity we generate for clients starts with addressing a prospect and their wants and needs. Only once you know what their individual needs are, can you start pitching your products and services, because now may not be the right time to 'sell'. Pitching too early will ensure you're remembered for all the wrong reasons as the person or company who wrote them an essay long email or cold called them.

Instead, we offer a unique combination of prospecting tools including database building, cold email and telemarketing that start conversations for our clients in a soft, consultative manner. We look to establish a 'fit' between your business and your prospective client to extract as much detail as possible to equip you for any resulting calls or meetings with those prospects.

Here are the steps we take for each client, if you would like to find out how we could transform your business development, click the button below:

How we work with you

Step One

We Get To Know You

At the beginning of every project we really want to understand as much as possible about your business and offering as possible. We speak on the phone and start the process together.  

Step Two

Identify Prospects & Build Data

We work with you to identify your Ideal Customer Profile which our research team deep dives into sourcing personal emails for companies and contacts that fit the criteria.

Step Three

Craft & Send E-mail Campaigns

Your Campaign Manager will then create a series of messages that will be sent in your campaign. These messages are personal for each contact​ and are the start of every prospecting process that we use for our clients.

Step Four

No Cold Calls... Just Qualified Conversations

Let's face it, Cold Calling is dead. All prospects receive emails and based on their response, get calls to qualify their interest by our Business Development team.

Step Five

Detailed Reporting With Actionable Data

We provide you with a monthly summary and intelligence report, which showcases the work of our campaigns team, so you can remain on the pulse of how your prospects engage with our efforts.

Step Six

Refine and Scale Your Prospecting

We always start with smaller campaigns to see how your Ideal Customer responds, before making any changes to messaging or the data targets. We then look to build a pipeline of nurturing opportunities in addition to leads for your sales team to work on straight away.

What Our Approach Can Do For Your Business?

At Marketing Republic, we provide a service that enables you to hit sales objectives and grow your business. We will work with you as an extension  of your business, collaborating with your team to provide you with new business opportunities whilst continually building your pipeline. 

Generate Sales Leads

  • We start conversations with some of the largest businesses in the world which you can take forward through your sales process. 
  • Don't waste your sales team's time prospecting, use a dedicated team that has a wealth of prospecting experience that gets your sales people selling. 

Understand Your Marketplace

  • Ditch Cold Calling. We speak with prospects who will know your business through email conversations.
  • We identify trends and get a deep insight into who your Ideal Customers are. By understanding who is most receptive to your message, you can scale your prospecting faster.

Build Your Pipeline

  • We create immediate opportunities for your team, but don't neglect the importance of future conversations.
  • This has worked particularly well in contracted services, as we have captured key information such as, renewal dates to develop a strong pipeline.

We Start Conversations With Your Ideal Customers.

​We have a wealth of experience in sourcing data that fits your Ideal Customer Profile, whether that is Worldwide organisations or niche industries and titles. We use a combination of methods to build trust and rapport with contacts, so that when we pass a sales qualified lead on to your team, you can be sure that this is a high level opportunity. 

We specialise in starting conversations with our client's Ideal Customers, some of which have been some of the largest businesses in the world.

CASE STUDY 1 : How Cold Calling 2.0 Filled Ctrack's Sales Pipeline

Learn how leading telematics company Ctrack utilised our Outreach 2.0 Service to fill their pipeline with qualified opportunities for their growing sales team. 

CASE STUDY 2 : How Cold Calling 2.0 allowed Crunched to boost its pipeline by 300% in less than 90 days

If you require any more evidence of the proven effectiveness of the outbound sales process known as Cold Calling 2.0, as invented by Aaron Ross, then you may just be interested in the story of Crunched and its Head of Customer Development and Operations, Damon Mino.