Cold Calling 2.0 is proven to be 3X more effective than traditional cold calling

Using this approach, we can help you predictably grow your sales pipeline, leaving your Sales Team to focus on closing more business!

Unique Approach

Cold Calling 2.0 is the outbound sales process developed by Aaron Ross that helped add $100 million of recurring revenue in its first few years. Cold Calling 2.0 doesn’t involve any cold calling. In fact, if you’re making cold calls, you are doing everything wrong. Cold Calling 2.0 means prospecting into cold accounts to generate new business without using any cold calls. Aaron Ross defined a cold call as calling someone who doesn’t know you and who isn’t expecting your call. No one enjoys this – neither the caller nor the person being called.

At Marketing Republic, we’ve embraced this process to provide our clients with highly qualified sales opportunities and Predictable Revenue.

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What is Cold Calling 2.0

  • Systemised
  • Proven
  • Predictable
  • Innovative
  • Effective
  • Scaleable
  • Measurable
  • Unique

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Inbound Marketing

  • Spread Your Net Wider
  • Nurture
  • Prospects
  • Convert More Sales

Content Marketing Services

Our Content Marketing Service will help you connect with more people, establish your credibility and drive inbound leads.

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Unique Approach

In business, we are all looking to maximise the effectiveness of every function we carry out and if there is a way to automate and systemise a process, it is invariably more effective than a manual system. The same goes for the marketing function and building an automated marketing system will enable you to implement your marketing funnel.
Now it would be nice to have a machine that not only worked like clockwork but thought like a human being too wouldn’t it?

Automating your online marketing can increase your conversion rates, save you time and money whilst dramatically increasing conversions as well as improving your inbound leads and conversion rates.

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Systemise Your Digital Marketing

  • Lead Capture
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Scoring
  • CRM Integration
  • Analytics
  • Social Marketing

Pricing Plans

Here are a selection of the Inbound and Outbound Lead Generation services we can offer you… If you want to discuss what is the best package for you, please request a callback


£3997 per month + Bonus

  • 1,000 CC2.0 EMAILS PER MONTH

Attraction Marketing Packages

Social Media Leader Package

from £997 per month

  • Facebook Fanpage Design
  • Twitter Set Up & Design
  • LinkedIn Company Page Optimised
  • Build Following
  • Regular Engagement
  • Google+ Company Profile Set Up
  • Pinterest Set Up
  • Social Profile Management
  • Reputation Management
  • All profiles updated regularly
  • Build relationships
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Nurture Relationships with Prospects
  • Develop Client Relationships

Content Marketing Package

   from £1497 per month

  • Blog Design & Set Up
  • Industry Research
  • Content Audit
  • Blogposts written and posted
  • Blog SEO
  • Social Bookmarking of Posts
  • Keyword Research
  • Team of Journalists to create content
  • Account Manager & On-going Strategy
  • 2 Blogposts per week
  • 1 Piece of pillar content per month (2000 words)

SEO Domination Package

 from £997 per month

  • Website Check
  • Current Site Content Quality Review
  • Internal Linking Strategy
  • Highlight any Issues
  • Keyword Research
  • Define 5 Keywords
  • Guaranteed 1st Page Results
  • On Page Optimisation
  • Off Page Optimisation
  • 2 Press Releases per Month
  • Wiki Links/High PR Links Authority Links
  • Full Reporting


Can I use Cold Calling 2.0 in my own organisation?

You certainly can. At Marketing Republic, we don’t claim any kind of exclusivity over the process of Cold Calling 2.0 as it was invented by Aaron Ross. We’ve just adopted and implemented it successfully and we specialise in systemising it as a service for our clients. Therefore we are experienced and evolved the process for every campaign we deliver. There is nothing stopping you learning the process by buying Predictable Revenue, Aaron Ross and Marylou Tyler’s book on Cold Calling 2.0 and using it internally in your organisation to build you sales pipeline and develop qualified B2B sales leads!

Do I have to order a Package?

Our pricing packages for both Cold Calling 2.0 as well as our Inbound Marketing services are indicative of what we can offer but by no means restrictive. We will happily create a service that suits your requirements and targets.

Is Cold Calling 2.0 right for my business?

If you sell B2B and want to outsource your sales prospecting we can help. We use Cols Calling 2.0 to generate highly qualified B2B sales leads. If you want to know if it can work for you, check out the “is it for me” section above…

How effective is Cold Calling 2.0 compared to traditional cold calling?

It’s our opinion that traditional cold calling, or as we call it, “Cold Calling 1.0″ is at worst dead and at best largely ineffective if you are selling B2B. Of course there are instances where it can work but we like to choose highly effective approach and Cold Calling 2.0 is proven to be 3X more effective than traditional cold calling… check out our case studies above

How can I learn more about Cold Calling 2.0?

Why not download our Free Report on Cold Calling 2.0 and get the full lowdown and how it works!

How did Marketing Republic discover Cold Calling 2.0?

For an overview on who we are and how we first found out about Cold Calling 2.0 you can read about us HERE

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